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14 days in February 2017

Michael creates one painting a day for 14 days revolving around Love, Aches and human nature.

For 14 days, I will be posting either a painting, drawing or sketch a day. I have been very eager to get my hands on some of the emotions that have been circulating around the globe. My message to get across can either come from personal or by observance. Despair, aspirations and human connection is what the 14 days in February is all about. 

The eve of every night will bring forth a new painting by dawn..

It's not like I don't paint everyday already, it's just LOVE is in the air this time around...and through me it's always there...

Want Michael DeMeglio to create a custom painting for you? Contact here,

For those of you who have been interested in older paintings/sketches, I am still adding prices and sizes for your viewing information. If you see something you like and wonder if it's still avalible, just give me a shout in an email.

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