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Artist Bio


As a self- taught Twin Cities artist, Michael DeMeglio has studied extensively and is inspired by old masters of both expressionist and impressionist movements to paint with feeling more than precision. Michael hails originally from the Detroit area where his Italian background and family appreciation of artwork taught him a spicy love of color. He studied Graphic Design at Gallaudet University but finds his happiness in the freedom of paint and marker. Michael’s works were featured on the 2015 St Paul Jazz Festival poster and can be found at various galleries and stores in the area as well.  When not painting, Michael is a deaf-blind intervener where he works closely with students who have visual and auditory loss.

Michael does not limit his works to a specific medium, instead choosing acrylic, oil, watercolor or sketch as the piece calls for it. Some of Michael’s paintings will include an amalgamation of three or more mediums to achieve the depth of color and texture that he is feeling.  From the joys of a spontaneous jig in the streets to the speakeasy culture of the roaring 20’s you can find the very definition of each painting illustrated to give it life.


Artist’s Statement

I love to work outdoors and will often set up en Plein air around Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun and the St Croix Riverfront. The best way to paint is immersed in the experience of what you are creating.

The style of my work embraces the mess that we are and the beauty of everyday life. My nudes especially celebrate the imperfections that can be uniquely appreciated when we are most vulnerable.  My miniature works are not less time consuming but designed to draw the viewer into the moment that they capture, reminding us that small moments can have great meaning. I want the viewer to not only see, but to feel the zest of life when they encounter my artwork. 

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