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Big River Pizza

For those who know me personally, I have a deep love for wood fire pizza. We all know when we bite into a perfect wood fire pizza, the unique charcoal and smoky robust flavor adds an authentic character to our taste buds. Whatever ingredients that may have been placed on the pizza only makes for a better dining experience.

Hands down, Big river is here to stay in Lowertown Saint Paul. There are many pizzeria in and around the Twin cities and all have it's unique flavors and toppings. Big River is a joint that is needed here in Lowertown. The corner restaurant suits the atmosphere well and the interior is very warm and inviting.

Sitting in the family style restaurant, one is comfortable in several seating arrangements. There are long tables for large parties and a bar stool eating area outlooking the Saints CHS Stadium and Farmers Market. Truly authentic viewing while enjoying any style pizza. One can't go wrong with a choice of Wine and Beer on tap. Surly, a Minnesota made beer is always a good choice.

If you pass on by and don't get a chance to sit and dine, be sure to grab a slice to go. They have a few made and will be ready on hand. However, do yourself a favor and soak in the experience, you won't regret it.

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