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"Michael, A Local Artist, Use Real Food To Stay Healthy"

One afternoon I was out creating a painting on Lake Calhoun. A beautiful Soul Caroline Carter encountered my path and shared with me one of her life passions. Eating raw foods and transforming others to do the same.

As we spoke in depth on the importance of eating raw balanced foods, we pushed the envelope further and shared our craze for Vegetable juicing. I've been Vegetable juicing for about a good four years and have really found amazing results. Anywhere to shedding pounds to eliminating flu's/colds. I explained to her when she asked about the importance of "Why" I vegetable juice and my response was to avoid modern medicene and over counter prescription to whatever may ail me. My love for juicing has me talking to family and friends and slowly incorporating the health benefit into their lives. It's not an easy transition for most people, but if you do take it slow and educate yourself on the matter, you'll soon become a vegetable guru.

Here is a short clip while I was out painting. Life brings wonderful moments when you least expect it.

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