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There are moments in life where a simple mobile phone will and cannot capture the beauty in space and time. In this digital world where images comes and goes and the moment to capture are taken for granted, you will never be forgotten with TELLACH PHOTOGRAPHY.

The story unfolds in the strangest of places. I met this beautiful soul through a friend and the encounter was connected in such glorious ways. Katie Swanson purchased my art at Claddagh Coffee on West 7th St. Saint Paul. Little did I know, that I had forgotten to sign my work.

Two years later and a couple of boat paintings in the beginning of Summer led me to a connection on Facebook. She commissioned me to create a boat painting for her Husband as a surprise for Father's Day. She also ended up getting a small 2x2 painting in which is kept in her boat. The funny part of this story reveals how her husband looked at the 2x2 painting BEFORE the Father's Day gift, and said, "Ya, I know that artist, we have him hung up in our house. It's the Yellow Bird painting we have". She looked at him and was completely puzzled as to HOW could he have possibly make that out? Sure enough she sends me the photo asking if I was the artist behind the painting. I was indeed. I got yelled at for not signing my name..oops.

The power of connection through the people and faces we encounter sure tells us that we are connected in this huge Universe.

I encourage anyone who wants a personal family portrait or photo gig, perhaps a personal photo of themselves and love ones or simply to get her to take on a memory that you'd rather be enjoying then to capture yourself.

Katie is the most warming, sensual, loving, bubbly free spirit individual that will for sure take the ease out of your day, when capturing those precious moments.

It's an honor to be connected with her family. It's a blessing to have my paintings a part of her family and sure warms my soul like any artist would want.

Check her out here and be sure to let her know I sent you. TELLACH PHOTOGRAPHY

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