Smith Avenue Bridge

I've told myself hundreds of time and I will forever continue to say, "once in awhile you can get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right".

Wednesday afternoon I was up for a new spot to Plien Air. I had been told from a good friend Katie Swanson of TELLACH PHOTOGRAPHY, that I should get on the Smith Bridge and do some Skyline of Saint Paul.

I did just that.

I started a painting and despite the high winds and scorching sun that Wednesday afternoon, I wasn't able to complete it.

As I left, I was sadden to see a man get onto the outer edge and surrounded by law enforcements, his attempt to jump was saved by our officers. Thankfully it was a safe turn around, but it got me thinking how this bridge has been known to take lives instead of being inspired to lead better ones.

As I welcomed myself back on Friday, same spot less wind and boy, let me tell you the amount of folks who approached me with gratitude and loving ovation.

I spoked to a numerous of individuals who shared me their life's passion and wonderful warm stories of their community and the passion driven behind it. I learned a great deal of some snippets for the upcoming remodel of the bridge 2018 and the overpouring love this community wants to build to make it a safe haven for those who walk and run the Bridge.

Having myself out there, little did I know I was helping to contribute to a great cause. My passion and love for painting has made me want to paint the entire Saint Paul/Minneapolis scenes and landmarks as well as my own individual personal works.

I haven't yet completed this painting, but it's sure on it's way.

I want to personally thank those who are reading this and have taken the time out and introduced themselves to me. You are remembered and I know we will cross paths again, with an elbow nudge!

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